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Though I'm no pro, I've worked on a fair number of video projects. These are some of the ones I'm more proud of. This was one of my first big editing projects. This one is pretty amateur, but it got a very warm reception in class. A music video for the TCC RTVB Program to the music of Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger - Alive 2007


In 2009, I joined a group in the 24 Hour Video Race. This is our film, and the winner of the 24 Hour Video Race's Hollywood bracket. Whispering Eye presents, "apple". Requirements; Theme: Misunderstanding Prop: An edible fruit or vegetable Location: A street or traffic sign Line of Dialogue: "...the one on the left." My responsibility for the project was the post-production audio and some live audio capture.


That same year, the majority of that group banded back together and entered the 48 Hour Film Project. This is our film, and the winner of the 48 Hour Film Project's "Best Cinematography" award. Whispering Eye presents, "Loose Cannons". Requirements; Genre: Cop/Detective Character: Peter or Penny Knoll - A wheeler/dealer Prop: A weedwacker Line of Dialogue: "You're not making any sense." My responsibilities were again, post-production audio, and some live audio capture.


This next video began as a project in a recent video production class, but I wanted to put all my skills to work and try to make a music video for my band, Eastchase.

Produced and Directed by Corey VanderSleen. Starring Trinity Bruce and Corey VanderSleen. Filmed by Chelsie Carr, Jason Kershner, Corey VanderSleen, and Tom VanderSleen.

This is our first single off the new album that we are working on. Even though there is an album title there, "What Stop Sign?" we're still working on an official title.


For my first decent project I've worked on at UNT, we were instructed to pair up and make a 3-5 minute video with no Dialogue. One of the big requirements for the project is that we could not use ourselves as talent, so we had to conjure up talent from friends and family. Directed and Filmed by Corey VanderSleen and Melissa Galbraith, starring Sheronda Carter and Alicia Warren.


This next video is a project that my group and I made for our Science Fiction Film class as our final project. Written and Directed by Corey VanderSleen. Produced by Melissa Galbraith. Edited by Zach Lewis. Starring Kevin Ebeling.

Check back every now and then to see if I have anything new!