About "CVSleen"


CVSleen's Skills:

History +6
- B.A. Radio/Television/Film from The University of North Texas
- A.A.S. Radio and Television Broadcasting from Tarrant County College

Nature +6
- Quality Control Projection Technician at Freeman Audio/Visual ... June 2013 <=> Current
- Chyron Assistant at Lone Star Park ... April 2010 <=> July 2011
- Studio Intern at Maximedia ... September 2009 <=> November 2009
- Cart Staff at Texas Star Golf Course ... May 2007 <=> August 2008

Streetwise +7
Musician, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Videographer, Gamer, Cinemaphile


What I'm trying to say with all ^that^ is that I'm an Audio/Video nut trying to find a place for myself in the realm in which we are king. In short, I've told you that I'm an amateur musician, a music producer/engineer, a video and film maker and editor, a story writer, and a big gaming and movie nerd. I've earned my bachelors and associates qualifications in the film and audio arts, and I intend to puts those skills to work some day as a big league audio or film guru, but I'm still trying to find my foot holds today. Currently these days I'm working quality control at a company called Freeman Audio/Visual that provides staging, presentation, audio, and video equipment to companies that want to put on a show. I tell this to some people and they think, "Oh, y'all set up concerts and stuff, right?" Eh...you could say that, but it's more stuff like E3 and other big trade shows and conventions. In the past I've done graphics at a horse race track, everything at a big music studio, and customer service at a golf course, but since I get to watch movies and check projectors all day in a dimly lit room at present...I can't say I'm complaining.

I'm a nerd, and I own that term. If I'm not engrossed in any number of audio or film projects, I could be in the middle of a Sci-Fi film marathon, performing poorly on some game over Xbox Live, or possibly prepping for a D&D session. 

I have spent the better and worse half of the past 10 years dedicating myself to music, film, and everything nerdy... and intend to keep doing so for as long as I can breathe. Thanks for following along and showing your interest!

For employers looking to hire me, here is a PNG copy of my most current résumé...slightly redacted because... internet:

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