I'm Getting that Deposit Back...Right?

So...one of the big American dreams is home ownership. Being able to live somewhere where you genuinely define all the rules. No landlords or parents that are the true law of the land, nope...that's all you now. No more renting, no more tossing money in a pit from which you will never get it back. Now...now it's in a different pit, where you'll more than likely get that money back...likely, right?

I have made a lot of improvements to this house. Like...a lot. Hold on, let me back up a little bit here...

I never got into it here in the pages, as most of y'all knew about it when it happened, but back in December of 2015, I bought a house...my own place, my own rules, my own investments.
All my own investments...yea. This place is great, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't without the need for a little TLC. This house was built back the 50s, and even though previous owners have done a lot to move it forward, it still needed quite a bit to get it to where it needed to be. I was on the renovation wagon before I even had my furniture in.

The electrical wiring in this place needed a quantum leap, as no one had yet thought to bring it out of the 50s. Seriously, how did anyone get anything done without any grounded outlets or GFIs. Fortunately, they knew what they were doing back in the 50s. While the existing electrical wiring was quite dated, it was still in extremely good condition. Good old copper wiring. A few friends got places built back in the 70s...aluminum wiring...that shit wasn't made to last.

I'm not above or below saying that I've been spoiled in my life, but it'd be nice not to have to hand wash all of my dishes for the rest of...forever. I guess the people that live here previously loved that kind of manual labor, because I definitely had to get a cabinet cut out to have a dishwasher installed. Not only that, but a garbage disposal as well. Did they have to wash their dishes over a trash can. Bah, get with the times guys!

And on the subject of washing, this place had a pretty big water problem. The existing water heater was in pretty bad shape. The pan was corroded, and it took like 5 minutes to get any hot water to the kitchen sink. Replacing the water heater should have been an easy enough operation, if the previous owners, at whatever point they replaced the hvac heating unit, hadn't used all the free space in the utilities closet for a much bigger new hvac heater. Now, there wasn't enough space to get the old water heater out. Ugh, had to knock out a damn wall just to get the old girl out of there. Might as well use that opportunity to widen the door and make it a bit heavier to cut down on noise. A new water heater followed, of course, filling what space remained in that little closet.

All of this stuff was within the first few months of moving into this place, and none of this crap was cheap. Nor was it the end. Earlier this summer, my roof started to come down at the rear of my house. Okay...that sounds a lot worse than it actually was. It was the eaves around the edge of the roof...that part that hangs over a bit. I think because of the way my AT&T lines are anchored to my house the eaves just kind of got pulled away. That was a pretty penny to get corrected.

And now, more...


Yea, that's not the way that is supposed to look. I'm not really sure how old my garage door is, but this past week it got down to it's last legs. It's been kind of cantankerous at times, but this week it has been particularly unruly...and now I see why. So, Tuesday I arrange for someone to come out on Thursday for someone to come out and give me an estimate. Well, I get back Wednesday to find an estimate already waiting for me. At that point my garage door was still working well enough to manually raise the thing, and I was kind of wondering if the guy that came out had tried to do any adjustments while he was out there. He didn't wait for the appointment so no way to know for sure. Being unsure, I try to lift the door to get my car inside. I guess that was the last straw.


That's what it looks like now. That fucker just snapped up on me. I was pulling up on that handle in the middle when that breakage that started on the left finally followed through all the way to right, and folded up into itself. Somuhmuhbitch tried to take a piece of me on the way up, and my Flash-like reaction speed was just slow enough to let it take a taste. Ugh...a thousand bucks. That's what the damage is going to be to get this thing fixed.

I had hoped that by the time I was writing this that this would all be in the past. But, I said earlier that I came home Wednesday and already found an estimate. The guy jumped the gun coming out. I ended up waiting at home all morning for the guy because I was told that someone would still be coming, and all I end up getting was a lousy phone call telling me what I already read. If I'd have been there Wednesday, or if the guy would have actually come back on Thursday like they said, I could have been here, and they could have gotten inside to see the full picture. Instead, we scheduled someone to come out on Saturday only to find out Saturday morning that this is a two-person job, and they only sent one. Furthermore, the assistant that should have come out with him is gonna be out for another 3 days.

So...here I sit, still waiting with a jacked up garage door.
At some point I'd like to be done working on this place. The reality though, that I'm coming to learn and accept regarding home ownership, is that your work is never done. Fair warning for anyone out there that hasn't made the leap to home ownership yet...you may be making an investment into your future, but the maintenance fees along the way are going to hurt for a while. I still wouldn't change my current situation, but damn, every now and then my pockets can really ache.

This will get worked out...eventually. I'm just wondering where the next little surprise is going to come from. Always an adventure, home ownership.

The Defenders was pretty dope. Had some pretty grand ambitions that paid off in some very cool ways. Only 8 episodes though...come on Marvel/Netflix! Stretch it out a little more, give us some more of those Avengers type team-building exercises.
I'd call out Iron Fist for being a naive idiot, but that's the same direction they went in his standalone arc, so that's just Danny Rand being Danny Rand. My only complaint really...is that it was all over too quick. Boo.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.